Why meditate―unexpected gifts from my practice

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Over the past 20-some years I have meditated—sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically, sometimes not at all—but I keep coming back to meditation practice again and again. For the past year I’ve made daily meditation practice a part of my life. I … Continued

The Difficulty of Being Human

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How are you? If you’re like me (and most people) you will answer “Fine,” whether you are fine or not. Occasionally I will answer, “Terrific!” when I’m feeling great, but I almost never say, “I’m feeling a little sad today,” … Continued

Right Here Right Now—I Am Good Enough

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I’ve had some recent lessons in letting go of self-criticism and stepping up to own my expertise and talent as a photographer.It has taken reminders from several different sources to realize that: I’m not alone in having difficulty embracing that … Continued

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