Favorite 2017 Photographs

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2017 Top Twelve
I love the way the light, texture, and shapes of this closeup of flowers feels.


My project last week was to review all of the photographs I made during 2017 and to pick twelve favorite 2017 photographs.

Favorite 2017 Photographs

I try to pick my favorites once a year and keep the collections of photos from year to year so that I can see how my work has changed over time. Choosing just 12 photos is always challenging for me. But it teaches me about who I am as a person and a photographer. Looking at the collections from year to year shows me how I am changing and growing. I highly recommend this practice to any artist.

This year I think my personal voice speaks more loudly in my photography then ever before. A number of my favorite photographs represent things I have always loved—flowers, the big woods, the boundary waters. And other photos remind me of important experiences during 2017—the Women’s March, canoeing in the Boundary Waters, my Ely adventure.

Here are my 2017 picks (in no particular order). I’ve added a short sentence below each about why it made my top 12.

I love the simplicity of this image and the way it feels like a Zen drawing.


I like the energy of this photograph along with the feeling it gives me. The fact that it’s not sharply in focus helps carry the feeling of the whiteout of the snowstorm.


I smile every time I see this image. It reminds me of my one-day boundary waters outing and represents the beloved north woods and the wonderful extroversion of people.


I picked this simply because I love butterflies and flowers and the circle of yellow at the top of the flower always catches my eye. I like the composition.


This image captures the soft light and deep shadows of the big woods. I intentionally made it a softer more impressionist looking image because that conveyed how I feel about being with the trees.


I love the shape of her hands, the slip of clay coating some of her fingers, the way the light falls.


The reeds poking through the surface of the lake and the ripples created by the ducks create a sense of movement in this photograph. I love the peaceful feel of the image and the almost monochrome blue-green colors.


I picked this to represent my participation in the Women’s March. It was an important day for me and for our country.


The burnished golden reflections of trees in the river along with the 2 sentinel red pines in the foreground make this a favorite.


I picked this photograph because I love trumpeter swans and because it reminds me of my Ely adventure, a big part of my year in 2017.


Last but not least, I’ve been captivated by prayer flags since I first saw them. They express the importance of my meditation and yoga practices in my life. These are hanging from my deck and I am happy each time I see them flapping in the wind.


May you walk in beauty.



  1. Jerry

    The variety of texture and color is outstanding. You have expanded your horizon to a whole new level. I find it difficult to choose a favorite because I like each one for totally different reasons. Appreciate last year and looking forward to this one!

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