We Are Beings of Unlimited Potential

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unlimited potential

The vast intelligence that orders the cosmos is available to all.

unlimited potential

The beauty of life, the wonder of living, is that we share creativity, intelligence, and unlimited potential with the rest of the cosmos.

unlimited potential

If the universe is vast and mysterious, we are vast and mysterious.

If it contains innumerable creative energies, we contain innumerable creative energies.

If it has healing energies, we also have healing energies.

To realize that we are not simply physical beings on a material planet, but that we are whole beings, each a miniature cosmos, each related to all of life in intimate, profound ways, should radically transform how we perceive ourselves, our environments, our social problems.

Nothing can ever be isolated from wholeness. — Vinala Thakar

May you walk in beauty. Blessings to you today and always.

Note: Photos in this post were made yesterday at Noerenburg Memorial Gardens on Lake Minnetonka.



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    Beautiful pictures and beautiful writing. Thank you 🙂

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