Spring Photo Journal – Day 8

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Quote of the day: One of the most sacred duties in any life is to honorably imagine yourself, to bring the full depth and care and luminosity to imagining the person that you actually are. The depth of who you are also depends on the depth of your ability to imagine yourself.” — John O’Donohue

Spring photo journal
Evergreen emerging from the snow

I am imagining spring. I know it will get here—sooner or later. Just because I am only imagining it now, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real.

In a way, imagining spring and knowing it is real, is like imagining your luminous, full of grace, whole self. Sometimes that imagined self hides from view. Sometimes fears and the voice of not enough cover over the brightness and infinite possibilities.

Imagine yourself big and bright and full of light. Imagine yourself with wings that can fly. Imagine yourself as all the colors of the rainbow. Imagine yourself dancing through life to music that only you can hear. Imagine spring. It’s real you know.

Spring photo journal

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