Summertime Greens


It seems that summer arrived suddenly. Everywhere I look I see the gorgeous deeper greens of summertime. The brash bright yellow-green and shy light greens of spring are gone.  Trees and bushes are all dressed up in full-size leaves and the landscape has taken on a lush fecund green fullness. Fruits have formed on my backyard black raspberry and blueberry bushes. I’ve begun harvesting lettuce, parsley, basil, and rosemary from my container garden. The first …

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The Way Back

the way back

I found this quote in my reading last night and felt that it was true. It is a question, practically of relationship. We must get back into relation, vivid nourishing relation to the cosmos and the universe… For the truth is, we are perishing for lack of fulfillment of our greater needs, we are cut off from the great sources of our inward nourishment and renewal, sources which flow eternally in the universe. Vitally, the …

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Practice Reverence for All Life


The events of the weekend in Orlando filled me with sadness and deep compassion for all of us—for those who lost loved ones, those who were injured or frightened, and all of us who may be feeling a mixture of sadness, fear, and perhaps even hate. What we need now is not to blame and shame nor foster more fear and separation. What we need now is to practice reverence—for one another and for all …

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Peony Season


Every year I pick peonies from my garden to photograph and every year I wonder if I will find ways to make better photos than in past years. “The little boy nodded at the peony and the peony seemed to nod back. The little boy was neat, clean and pretty. The peony was unchaste, dishevelled as peonies must be, and at the height of its beauty.” ― Robertson Davies, What’s Bred in the Bone And …

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The Trouble with Bucket Lists

the trouble with bucket lists

The Trouble with Bucket Lists Since the idea of creating a bucket list (a list of things you want to do before you die) became a trend in our culture, it seems everyone is talking about their bucket list. I frequently see social media posts with lots of selfies of people doing things on their bucket list, photos of bucket lists with items crossed off, and blog posts listing ideas for things to add to …

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Art, A Journey of Discovery

Journey of Discovery

I have been surprised to learn that the deeper I go as an artist making photographs, the more I learn about myself. Making Art is a Journey of Discovery You could say that living life is the ultimate journey of discovery, but in my experience, I’ve learned more about myself by working on my art than in any other way. My artistic work brings me face to face with what I love and don’t love, …

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