Savoring What Is

On a recent morning I looked out my bedroom window and saw a Canadian goose standing on the lawn, 3 mallards lazing on the banks of the pond, 2 wood ducks resting near a log at the edge of the pond, wonderful tree reflections in the pond, and a crow flying from a tree beside the pond to an … Continue reading

Walk in Beauty

As I joyfully take in these early spring days and all the beauty that surrounds me I wonder, "Why is the world so beautiful?" This is a question rarely addressed by science, but a question well worth embracing. In beauty I walk. With beauty before me, I walk. With beauty behind me, I … Continue reading

Bathing in Beauty

I am greeting the arrival of spring in Minnesota with great joy. Bathing in Beauty From a distance the landscape looks like a mist of spring green. The weeping willow trees are draped in a veil of yellow-green and tiny plants and flowers are beginning to bloom. It makes me want to go out … Continue reading