Be the Light

Echoing Curves

The news of the terrorist school shooting Pakistan and individual senseless acts of violence around the world horrified me this week. My life seems so safe, sheltered, and insignificant in light of these and other events going on. What can one person do? All I could think to do was send prayers of light to those who were hurt or grieving the loss of a loved one and send prayers of healing to everyone, even …

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Three Legs of Mastery

tracks in the snow

I stumbled on a photography book recently that I was able to borrow. It’s called The Photographer’s Coach: Helping you achieve success in your photography, by Robin Whalley. Instead of focusing on teaching techniques, Whalley digs into the development of mastery based upon a framework that he suggests can help you to progress and understand how to improve your photography. I was intrigued by Whalley’s framework because it speaks to some of the questions I …

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Closeups Using Extension Tubes

Rose closeup

How Close Can you Get Using Extension Tubes? If you are a DSLR photographer, you may have read about using extension tubes to take closeup photographs. Extension tubes are much less expensive than buying a macro lens and you can get very good closeup results with them. What is an Extension Tube? An extension tube is a hollow metal tube that connects between your camera body and lens. Extension tubes are often sold in sets. …

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How the Light Gets In

I have decided to start a new practice. I’m calling it “How the light gets in.” Every so often I plan to take a stroll through my old photos and pull out some that bring me a feeling of “how the light gets in.” “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” — Leonard Cohen To shed some light for those who feel like they are walking in the dark… To …

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