Small Blessings


Today as I sit on the swing on my deck I am contemplating small blessings. The fall weather has settled into a string of warm sunny days and cool nights. It feels like summer during the day yet cools to a fall-like feel in the evenings. I’ve been feeling better than I have for several years, able to hike more and do more, able to eat without worrying about setting off my gut. But yesterday, …

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Loring Park in Minneapolis

Contrast of quaint vine-covered cottage with skyline in background

Yesterday a photographer friend and I spent part of the day photographing at Loring Park in Minneapolis. This urban park offers nature, beauty, and a bit of the rawness of city life all mixed together. It’s a place where lovers sit together on a park bench, pan-handlers stand on corners, urban dwellers pass through, and homeless folks wander through or sleep on park benches. “A city isn’t so unlike a person. They both have the …

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Where Spirit Slips Out… Along Wood Duck Trail

Fall Colors mix with Vivid Greens

It’s been a great month for me. I’m feeling better than I have in several years and I’m able to get out and hike more. Just being able to hike for an hour to hour and a half opens up so many trails I’ve not visited for so long, at some of my favorite parks. Today I went out to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and walked the Wood Duck Trail.  As you start out on …

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From Joy to Joy to Joy

A flower garden in Minneapolis

What a string of glorious days! The weather is crisply cool at night and the sun shines brightly most days. Brilliant fall colors are popping out here and there throughout the Twin Cities, but greens can still be seen everywhere too.  Last week my brother mentioned that the lawns looked spring green in Iowa where he lives. They have been looking spring green here too. It has been an unusual weather year and all our …

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