Life is Good!


I have been feeling strangely quiet in my writing life recently. My life is good—and full. I count blessings each day. I am feeling better than I had been feeling most of the spring and summer and I am full of passion for making photos. My grandkids are living near us for the first time since they were born and I love the sound of them bursting into our house full of energy and joy. …

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Show Up — Pay Attention

show up

Yesterday I picked some white hydrangea blooms and went to work (for me it’s more play than work) making still life photographs with the flowers. I’ve set up a still life set in my office and have been playing with using different kinds of textures and cloths as backdrops. I’m trying to figure out how to create a space that makes making still life photographs flexible and easy. In the set you see above, I …

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Shake It Up!

shake it up

Do you have a comfortable routine in your life? Are you shaping your daily life around familiar habits and experiences that are almost hard-wired in your brain? Maybe it’s time to shake up some of your routines and push outside your comfort zone. Shake It Up! It’s not always easy or comfortable pushing outside my comfort zone. But when I manage to do it, I’m almost always glad I did. Except for some occasional trips …

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Taking a timeout


Today while spending time with my grandchildren who are staying with us for a couple of weeks I was reminded once more of the value of taking a timeout. It’s the fourth day of a visit expected to last about 2-3 weeks (with my daughter and her family staying with us as her husband works at his new job in Minneapolis and they wait for the move-in date for their new home up here). I …

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We Are All Artists

Once again I am reminded that we are all artists. Yesterday after picking up vegetables at the Hopkins Farmers’ Market I grabbed my camera and went for a walk at French Regional Park. There were lots of folks out enjoying the beautiful day and many of them were quite talkative. I had conversations with several people about my photography and camera. Apparently my gear made people think I must be a “professional” photographer and they …

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Discovering Me


Recently I began combining my photographs into composites and making a new kind of still life photographs. Discovering Me… I discovered that these new directions in my work have brought me home to myself in a way I haven’t done before. It started accidentally (as many good things do). I am a member of an artist way group that follows the practices identified by Julia Cameron in her Artist Way Trilogy. One day I was …

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