Why meditate―unexpected gifts from my practice

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Over the past 20-some years I have meditated—sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically, sometimes not at all—but I keep coming back to meditation practice again and again. For the past year I’ve made daily meditation practice a part of my life. I … Continued

Finding Your Center

Finding Your Center in Challenging Times Recent tragedies in the United States and around the world have shaken our confidence and filled the airwaves with fear. Many have responded with a call for heightened aggression, focusing on our differences and … Continued

The Good, the Bright, and the Beautiful — Day 16

Learning Compassion I am reading a book by Richard Davidson called The Emotional Life of the Brain. Known for his research on the brains of long-term meditators, Davidson is a meditator himself. “The Dalai Lama challenged me – he said, … Continued

The Nature of Compassion

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Quote of the day: “Since altruistic love acts as a direct antidote to hatred, the more we develop it, the more the desire to harm will wither and finally disappear. It is not a question of suppressing hatred but of … Continued

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