Loving-kindness Practice is Not for Sissies

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I’m reading a book about Altruism (Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World by Matthiew Ricard). Reading this book has encouraged me to include more loving-kindness work in my meditation practice (both for myself and for … Continued

The Good, the Bright, and the Beautiful — Day 16

Learning Compassion I am reading a book by Richard Davidson called The Emotional Life of the Brain. Known for his research on the brains of long-term meditators, Davidson is a meditator himself. “The Dalai Lama challenged me – he said, … Continued

The Nature of Compassion

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Quote of the day: “Since altruistic love acts as a direct antidote to hatred, the more we develop it, the more the desire to harm will wither and finally disappear. It is not a question of suppressing hatred but of … Continued

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