Summertime Greens

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It seems that summer arrived suddenly. Everywhere I look I see the gorgeous deeper greens of summertime. The brash bright yellow-green and shy light greens of spring are gone.  Trees and bushes are all dressed up in full-size leaves and … Continued

The Good, the Bright, and the Beautiful — Day 8

Loving Our Pets Today’s DailyGood Blog Post, An Illustrated Love Letter to Canine Companions, sparked the idea for this post, although as more of a cat lover than a dog lover I am expanding the topic to include all our … Continued

Photo-Heart Connection – June 2013 – the point of life is happiness

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Quote of the day: “The point of life is happiness.” —The Dalai Lama “The point of life is happiness” This month I’m focusing on summer fun. My Photo-Heart Connection for June is about having fun. And going out with my camera … Continued

I Choose Happiness

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Quote of the day:  “What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.” ~Leo Buscaglia We’ve been fighting off a flu bug this week and both my husband and I have … Continued

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