Darkness Shining in Bleak November

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Darkness Shining In Western thought light and darkness are seen as polarities—light as good, darkness bad. But I am learning to look at light differently. Neil Douglas-Klotz introduced me to the idea of “darkness shining” in The Hidden Gospel. He … Continued

I Love Sandhill Cranes!

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I love sandhill cranes… Their grace… Their improbable size and shape… The cacophony of sounds they make and the sight of them flying high… Their colorful heads, long pointed beaks, long necks, and long legs… Seeing them dance brings a … Continued

Light Everywhere…

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Feeling Gratitude for… Beauty Color Light Dark Tall Pine Trees The smell of fall in the air Grace Daydreams Water Rivers As the leaves cascade down and fall moves towards winter I am reminded of this poem. It helps me … Continued

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