Mapping my Creative Journey

Recently I was asked to give a short talk about my creative journey. The question I was asked to answer was this: How does experiencing the creative aspects of ourselves deepen our own spiritual journey, increase self-awareness, and provide greater … Continued

Have a Little Faith In Me

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This week I read a blog post by speaker, coach, author and photographer, Karen Walrond, On Faith, Patience, and Talent, that resonated with me hugely and reminded me to Have a Little Faith in Me. The blog post recounted Walrond’s … Continued

The Good, the Bright, and the Beautiful — Day 9

Art Heals Since I fell in love with photography and began the practice of making photographs, learning about photography, and immersing myself in photography on a daily basis, I have learned that art heals. It has helped me become a … Continued

It’s About Being Human

I belong to two different photography clubs, both of which have salons (or competitions) each month. Members submit images which are sent to a “judge” who “judges” the images and then gives feedback as well as ratings at the salon. … Continued

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