Wearable Art Designs on Vida and in my Etsy Shop

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I’ve been creating some new photos for sale in my Etsy Shop and also begun designing scarves and women’s tops using my photographs. It’s a very different creative endeavor figuring out which photographs might lend themselves to wearable art and … Continued

Negative Space — Breathing Room for the Soul

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In photographs as in life,what IS NOT present is as important as what IS present… Negative Space—Breathing Room for the Soul In photography the “what is NOT present” is called Negative Space or White Space (even though it’s often not … Continued

Mapping my Creative Journey

Recently I was asked to give a short talk about my creative journey. The question I was asked to answer was this: How does experiencing the creative aspects of ourselves deepen our own spiritual journey, increase self-awareness, and provide greater … Continued

Have a Little Faith In Me

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This week I read a blog post by speaker, coach, author and photographer, Karen Walrond, On Faith, Patience, and Talent, that resonated with me hugely and reminded me to Have a Little Faith in Me. The blog post recounted Walrond’s … Continued

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