Breaking New Ground

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As a photographer I have a vision and voice that create a recognizable style in many of my images. A recent experiment with a couple of photographer friends has helped me to break out of my usual approach to photography and break new ground in some of my images.

We had participated in Brooke Shaden’s 15 day content creation challenge last summer that featured a different word to respond to with new content creation each day of the challenge.

That challenge was so rewarding that we decided to continue it on our own, though at a less challenging pace. We decided that giving ourselves a week to work on a challenge was more reasonable than a single day.

Each week we pick a word from a list of 100 words we put together and then work on creating an image or video that expresses something about the word.

It’s been such fun! I’m amazed at how responding to a word challenges me to think in different ways, makes me imagine new ways to do things and want to be more active in setting up scenes or ideas. I don’t always have the time or resources to implement my ideas each week, but I’m beginning to carve out time with models to explore some of my ideas.

Today I’m sharing some of the images that I’ve created in response to our challenge. Many of them are not my usual images, although some weeks due to not feeling well or a full schedule I’ve not been as creative or moved far from my usual style.

When was the last time you challenged yourself to break new ground in your life?

May you walk in beauty.

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breaking new ground

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