Invisible Little Things

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Invisible Little Things

Paying attention to what I like to call Invisible Little Things is a practice that I’ve used since I became a photographer. It’s a practice that is based upon my belief that beauty is everywhere if you pay close enough attention.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Invisible Little Things

For example, I often take a walk in the neighborhood following the same path that I’ve walked countless times before. But each time I walk that path I see something new. I see beauty where I never saw it before.

The color version of this photo with the green gunk coating the top of the pond this scene was ugly, but switch it to B&W and it looks fascinating to me

Seeing beauty everywhere requires me to slow down and become present as well as looking at the world with soft eyes.

I pay attention to how I feel inside when I look at things. Sometimes I feel a tickle of delight or a feeling of peace. Other times I’m filled with awe or a sense of mystery. And sometimes I’m simply curious or interested in something that I see.

Recently I’ve become fascinated with making short videos of grasses or leaves or water moving in the breeze. The beauty of these scenes makes me happy.

It was making a video of some grass stems swaying the breeze that caused me to pause and wonder about making a B&W photograph of them.  I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out.

Life is full of moments and images of beauty that are often invisible little things unless you slow down and pay attention.  Next time you take a walk slow down, wake up, and see if you too can find the beauty of invisible little things.

May you walk in beauty.

invisible little things




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