Beauty Before Me

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Two branches of the Vermilion River come together.

The big water gets squeezed through a narrow deep ravine creating a powerful waterfall.

A private picnic area along the path to the falls.

The power of the falls is incredible and the sound is deafening.

The long fall…

A view of the river at the bottom of the waterfall.

The side of the ravine on the far side of the waterfall.

Neon green moss grows on the water-splashed side of the ravine.

Spring green birch tree tops along the Echo Trail.

“There is beauty before me, there is beauty behind me. There is beauty to my left, there is beauty to my right. There is beauty above me, there is beauty below me. There is beauty around me, there is beauty within me. One that forever lives the trail of harmony and greatness.”

A Navajo Way

May you walk in beauty.


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  1. Susan Mainzer

    Beauty, indeed. The photographs capture the force of the water, the hope of spring with that lovely lime moss and those birch trees. And the last picture makes me feel peaceful. Thank you for sharing your glorious talent. Susan

  2. Jerry Sattinger

    Oh, my! You have outdone yourself. You have moved to a new level in this wonderful opportunity that you have had to grow in your art. You have passed a threshold and there is no turning back now! You are soaring!

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