Spring Snowstorm

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Spring Snowstorm

Yesterday I returned to Ely just in time for a spring snowstorm. Last night the ice and snow arrived. It doesn’t look like it will be melting off very quickly. The first day this week that temperatures are predicted to top the freezing mark is Friday.

Most of the morning as the sleet fell I found myself feeling grumpy and grumbling to myself about the weather. I loved the spring green that we had at home and wondered why on earth I’d hurried to return to Ely when the weather was like this.

Mid-afternoon I decided to head outside for a hike even though the snow was still falling—at least the sleet had turned to snow and the ground wasn’t too slippery.

I gave thanks that I had not taken my winter coat and boots back to Minneapolis last week. I was tempted to because of the nice weather we had been having but thought I might want to wait a couple more weeks.

Sam didn’t have to work today and after a short hike in the early afternoon he decided to go skiing down the snow-covered road. He happily zipped past me looking joyful and carefree.

I mentioned to Sam that it was hard to believe that we had been canoeing upriver a little over a week ago. Sam grinned and replied, “Minnesota weather—one week you’re canoeing, the next week you’re skiing.”

Suddenly I realized that I could be grumpy about the weather but that would not change it. All it would do was make me unhappy. Or I could embrace the beauty of the snow and be happy with the weather just as it is.

The choice to be happy was easy. After all I was out hiking in the north woods. The temperature was not too cold and the beauty of the snow falling is but a short detour towards spring.

May you walk in beauty.

Sam started out in parka and hat but quickly realized he was dressed too warmly.


  1. Sattinger Jerry

    Always lessons to be learned! Such fun! Blessings for the journey., Jerry

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