Begin as You Intend

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Begin as you intend

Begin as you intend.Because of a light snowfall in Minneapolis that caused traffic to be very slow, we headed north to Ely a little later than planned. But waiting for traffic to unsnarl and the roads clear saved traffic headaches.Jon drove the Odyssey and I drove my Prius so that it was easier to cart up my clothes, camera equipment, and food for my 3 month house-sitting in the north woods.After unpacking everything from the vehicles, Jon headed back to Minneapolis and I began unpacking. When I noticed that it would soon be sunset I almost talked myself out of going out for a short hike. It had been a long drive. I had a lot of stuff to put away and it was too late to go far. But then I heard my inner self say, “Begin as you intend.”

So I grabbed my coat, put on my hat, shoes, and gloves and went down the lane and road for a walk with my camera. As I returned to the house I heard a raven’s deep raspy “Caw,” from a nearby tree. I heard two more “caws” as I entered the house.

It felt like a benediction.

Later as I looked out the kitchen window while heating my soup for supper I saw 2 trumpeter swans fly down river. Another benediction.

Stay tuned for a daily photo from the north woods as I explore the arrival of spring near the Boundary Waters.

May you walk in beauty.


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  1. easnrp

    Glad you made it safely up north and especially glad you made it out for a walk in the woods! I love your first picture. Looks like a bird at first glance. Begin as you intend. Intend to begin. Just do it! … note to self!

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