French Regional Park in Late October

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French Regional Park

Take a walk with me on a cloudy late October day.


Most of the leaves have fallen.


But pockets of color can be found here and there.


The path beckons.


Near the lake.


Tall reeds, coots swimming and a view across Medicine Lake.


The coots are incredibly shy and swim away as I approach the shore.


They gather in Medicine Lake on their fall migration every year.


I love watching them.


And listening to their short coot calls.


If I’m very quiet I can get close to some of the laggards for a few seconds.


The number of coots that gather on the local lakes amazes me every year. Where do they spend their summers? And where will they spend the winter? What must a coot’s life be like? Swimming, eating, flying, swimming. I have never seen them on the land, only in the water.

img_9887May you walk in beauty.

All photos in today’s post taken with my trusty iPhone 4s.

  1. Jerry Sattinger

    Beautiful and thought provoking. I think that fear is our worst reaction right now. Fear will cause us to stop responding to hate and attacks on our fellow citizens. We need to mourn and decide within ourselves which way is forward! And, then, put one foot in front of the next, taking hands along the way and do whatever we do with love and compassion! May it be so!

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