I Love Sandhill Cranes!

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I love sandhill cranes…

sandhill cranesTheir grace…

Sandhill CranesTheir improbable size and shape…

sandhill cranesThe cacophony of sounds they make and the sight of them flying high…

sandhill cranesTheir colorful heads, long pointed beaks, long necks, and long legs…

sandhill cranesSeeing them dance brings a fizz of joy to my tummy…

sandhill cranessandhill cranes _39a6047

sandhill cranesAnd when they glide in for a landing—my heart skips a beat…

Yesterday we traveled to Crex Meadows near Grantsburg, Wisconsin to see the sandhill cranes during their fall migration south.

I had never been to Crex Meadows before.

I was a little worried that we might be too late to see them this fall, but they were still active in the fields around Crex Meadows and we saw a few in the marshes as well.

I don’t know why these cranes fascinate me so much.

Every time I see and hear them I am filled with pure undiluted joy!

I don’t need to understand why they bring me joy. I am grateful for the opportunity to see and hear them in their natural habitat.

Under the gray skies yesterday Crex Meadows was stark and beautiful.

_39a6007 The photos below show some of the most picturesque spots along our drive.

When was the last time you made time to do something that brings you joy?

May you walk in beauty.


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