Perfect Fall Day

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I am celebrating today!

A perfect fall day

Early this week I did something to my back that had me hobbling around like a little old lady for several days. I could not move without pain and even when I was still it hurt like heck.

Today I am finally feeling back to normal (after 2 visits to the chiropractor and a long massage yesterday).

To celebrate I went to a park I’ve not hiked at before — Fish Lake Regional Park — and I took a leisurely afternoon walk.

What a glorious day!

I feel so blessed to be feeling good and to be able to take a walk with my camera.


Ahhhh… So good…the sun shining brightly, leaves beginning to turn, temperature just right, and a soft breeze to keep me cool.


I happened upon a great blue heron standing at the edge of the lake and got quite close before it flew off.


I found crab apples, maple leaves, oak leaves and seed heads to bring home.


The trails were empty save for the very end of my walk when I met one couple out for a walk.

When was the last time you took a solitary walk in the woods or beside a lake?

May you walk in beauty. (And may you be free from suffering and pain…)



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