Going Toward My Best Life

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Quote of the day:  “To navigate the wild world, you need to move your basic perceptual and analytical thinking out of your head and into the whole inner space of your body.” —Martha Beck Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

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Getting out of my head and into my “inner space” is a daily discipline. Some days it’s easy but often it’s devilishly difficult. Old thoughts and old habits recur regularly. Often, I fool myself into thinking that I am operating and making choices from within, but it’s old programs and scripts that are driving me.

That’s when books like Martha Beck’s latest inspire me and help me to get out of my head and into my heart. This is an experiment in living in wholeness and joy.  I would be lying if I said that it was easy. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve every done. Some days my lizard brain wins and I act from a place of fear or lack. But each moment brings the opportunity to choose differently—to choose love instead of fear—and each of those choices steers me slowly but surely to my best life.

…I’ve learned there are two ways to make such a choice: from a place of verbal thought, which has very little effect because it isn’t rooted in their deepest perceptions, and from a place of Wordlessness, which makes every thought and action much, much more powerful. If you know how to drop into Wordlessness, you’ll be so aware of your situation and your own responses to it that you’ll go straight toward your best life, no matter how obscure it may seem or how many obstacles lie before you.—Martha Beck Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

I choose going toward what I love instead of away from my fears and societal expectations, experiencing beauty, gratitude and abundance. May you spend some time in wordlessness today.

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