Surrender to the moment

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Quote of the day: 

This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.

Another challenging week for me.  This time it wasn’t my mind that did me in. It was my body.  For some mysterious reason, my low back kicked up with huge pain last weekend and I’m still moving very carefully almost a week later.  At least I’m moving – a little (actually a very little).  And while I had planned to spend my week differently, I’ve discovered once more that I need to surrender into the moment.

At first I was just plain grouchy.  “This isn’t what I planned to be doing” I complained to myself.  “I have so much to do, I don’t have time to lie around and rest.”  Eventually I recognized the futility of my resisting my current reality.  Since I could hardly move, couldn’t bend over, and looked like a little old lady shuffling around the house and easing myself gently and slowly into chairs I finally accepted that I needed to slow down and rest.  The photos I planned to mat and frame will wait another week.  The photography outings I planned to make will also wait.

I soon discovered that even “down time” can be productive.  First, I took some time out to design my new business card.  After looking at many designs online and not finding anything that felt right for me, I finally took one of my recent photos and re-worked it to use on a business card.  I think it turned out well – can’t wait to see it from the printer.  Earlier this week I spent a lot of time learning and experimenting with different blog layouts and settings.   I was able to do a lot of reading and research on Etsy shop setup and selling.  Since I plan to open an Etsy shop soon, everything I learned will be put to use.  Last night I met with a friend of my daughter’s who wants some photos of her fire dancing and we had a great visit as well as finding an opportunity to barter some of her web savvy for my photography.  It’s going to be great fun photographing her fire dancing!  Today I visited a coffee shop in Edina (managed by another friend of my daughter’s) where I’m happy to say I will be exhibiting my work during the month of November.  I’ve also been working on cash flow analysis, a task that sadly has been languishing in my “I should do this but I don’t want to” bin for too long.   While it still feels a little awkward projecting future sales without any real experience, I’m beginning to get a feel for all of the costs I need to take into account when I price my work.  And on top of all of this, I am so much more relaxed and centered than I was last week.

Right now I’m sitting on my deck on a slightly overcast afternoon listening to the birds, soaking in the green all around, and writing about surrendering to the moment.  How great is that?

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