Dragonfly Gardening

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Quote of the day: “Whoever heard of dragonfly gardening?” — Me

A couple of years ago I was working on finding an image that expressed how I wanted to live my life.  I was tired of carrying around the image of having to work hard doing something I didn’t love and believing that it was only through struggle one could succeed. I knew that my current work life wasn’t working for me any more. And since I am a visual person, the first step in creating a change was to come up with an image that expressed the feeling I wanted to evoke in my life. I love gardening and I love dragonflies.  After playing around with several ideas, it struck me that I’d never heard anyone talk about dragonfly gardening.  I’d heard of butterfly gardens but who ever heard of dragonfly gardening?  I loved the freedom I felt imagining my life purpose as dragonfly gardening.  Who in the heck knows how to do dragonfly gardening?  Perfect.  There is no one right way.  There is no thing I need to do. Dragonflies seem to do just fine without any work or trying or intervention from us humans.  They are wondrous, beautiful creatures.  I’ve carried this playful image with me since then and it has inspired me to embark on my journey as a photographer.

Today while I was making photographs in the garden that surrounds the duplex where my daughter lives, I found a wonderful string of dragonfly lights hanging over the garage window.  The window was reflecting the garden. Magical! Dragonfly Gardening! I’m jazzed thinking about all of the wonderful things I’m creating in my dragonfly garden.

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